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Over 56% of Americans own smart phones. More than ever, it is necessary to build website with mobile devices in mind. Every project I do is responsive, and designed with the "Mobile First" philosophy.


Need a sweet blog? I can do that... Need an easy to update website for your business? I'm really good with CMS systems... Want a fully custom web app with a robust API? Now we're talking!


The days of a customer's first impression being a store front are long gone. To be competitive in today's market you have to have a solid digital marketing strategy and a web presence designed around it.


It's not rocket science... or is it!? Anyone can cram keywords into a site. Great SEO is more like a chess game, and keeping current on good SEO practices is the only way to win.

Hi, I'm Lee...

I'm a web developer, digital marketing consultant and professional geek living in Lexington, South Carolina. When I'm not coding (which is not often) I enjoy spending time with my family, writing music, and daydreaming.

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The projects I am proud of

Make the Point Radio

95.9FM The Point


Make the Point Radio is Columbia's premier talk radio station. It is owned by the well known radio host Keven Cohen, and features a lineup of some of the best known talk radion hosts in the country.

Make the Point Radio

This site is my baby... well, my code baby anyway. It is written on my own custom MVC framework (RoxyMVC) and features a multitude of custom features. It includes a custom weather app leveraging the Forecast.IO API, custom local and national news feeds, full social media integration, a fully custom weighted advertising platform and many, many other features.

I first began this project when working at The Para Marketing Company, and originally met with Keven to help determine what a radio station needs in terms of a website. The primary goal of the site, other than selling ads of course, is to provide his listeners with an extended experience beyond listening to the radio. The goal of this site is to provide his listeners with all the information they need on a local basis, and to drive them to return to the site on a regular basis.

Fisher Films

Fisher Films


Fisher Films has been providing video production services throughout the greater Southeastern US for the past three years. The primary goal and heart of Fisher Films is to focus on bringing creativity and innovation, along with cinematic quality, to the world of marketing.

I actually began working with Daniel Fisher before we ever began working on his website. It is a rare occasion that I get a project where the client "throws you the keys" and tells you to do what you do best. This site is a result of that happening. It features a unique header which HTML5 and custom JS to make it both constantly full screen as well as responsive. Additionally, some parallax scrolling was thrown in the mix to make things seem deeper. At present time, Daniel is working on creating some video content to replace the static image in the header.

PS - If you are interested in creating some video content of your own... check his site out. Daniel and his team are some incredibly talented people!

South Carolina Volunteer Firefighters

South Carolina Volunteer Firefighters


The first step to becoming a firefighter is often by first becoming a volunteer firefighter. SCVolunteerFire.org was built as a recruitment tool for South Carolina's volunteer firefighters.

South Carolina Volunteer Firefighters

There are currently (as of press time) over 430 fire departments in the state of South Carolina. This page was created to act as a recruiting tool for potential volunteers by providing them with the information they need to make a decision.

As our target market was identified as being males from 18-24 years old, we decided that special care should be taken to ensure the site appealed to mobile users. Beyond using a responsive design, I was able to leverage mobile user's locational data to determine the closest fire department to them.

Best Mattress


Best Mattress has been the south's leading custom mattress company for over 84 years. As a developer on this project, I created a robust, custom Wordpress theme including several custom plugins.

Best Mattress

Features on this site include full Wordpress CMS integration, a custom plugin for their unique inventory management needs, active SEO and advanced security monitoring.

The site was designed by Ryan Jacques, with a heavy influence from Best Mattress' own staff. This site has been turned over fully to the client, and I no longer take an active role in it's developent and maintenence.

Kikis Chicken and Waffles

Kikis Chicken and Waffles


Kiki's Chicken and Waffles in Columbia, SC is the first restaurant dedicated to serving the famed chicken and waffles dish in the Midlands.

Kikis Chicken and Waffles

As part of The Para Marketing Company, we were responsible for the total rebranding of Kikis Chicken and Waffles. Beyond the website, we were responsible for the logo, menus, business cards and store front signage.

In keeping with the new brand, we took special care to remake the website following careful guidelines. As a developer, I provided full social media integration, as well as a dynamic menu system that allows the owners to keep current offerings and prices on the website.

Lee Henry Events

Lee Henry Events


Tanza Perry-Cooper has been planning and coordinating celebrations for over 12 years. I planned numerous events for family, friends, my church and sorority before making LeeHenry Events a business in 2007.

LeeHenry Events

I inherited LeeHenryEvents.com from a previous developer when I started at The Para Marketing Company. After TPMC shut down, I have continued to develop, update and maintain this site for Tanza.

Built on Wordpress, I have created several custom plugins, updated legacy code when Wordpress updates break old functionality, and constantly monitor the site for security threats.

Timmerman School

Timmerman School


Timmerman School was founded on the principle that the child is an eager and willing learner, given a stimulating and nurturing environment..

TimmermanSchool.com is one of the larger projects I have worked on. Containing 70+ pages of content, organization was key in the design. This site is unique in that there are two large, and vastly different target audiences. The goal of this site was to both appeal to perspective parents, as well as provide a wealth of information to parents of current Timmerman students.

For the parents of current students, a robust CMS system was installed to allow multiple administrators the ability to post important information for each of the schools numerous programs. Additionally, a custom calendar and event system was installed to allow parents to quickly glance at upcoming events. Finally, a site wide notification system was built to allow administrator to show important information such as school closing easily and rapidly.

Haiti Children Project

Haiti Children Project


Haiti Children Project is a 501(c)3 Public Charity based in South Carolina which supports the operations of an orphanage and education and community development activities in Jeremie, Haiti.

This site included features such as full CMS integration, paypal integration, custom image sliders and a fully custom design.

As the project lead, I was responsible for meeting with both the client and our marketing department to create this site beginning with a concept. We felt early on that the site should feature bright colors and photographs, as well as easy to understand info-graphics depicting goals, progress and achievements.

Echerer Painting


Covering the Southeast with the Finest Finishes Since 1959

Echerer Painting Company

This site was designed and built with one goal in mind. Make it easy for the owner to upload and manage his photo galleries. This was accomplished with a custom Wordpress plugin that allows an administrator to upload images directly from their phone.

The front end of this site was completed prior to The Para Marketing Company closing down, but was complete by both myself and my partner in crime Tyler Youngblood. It is currently complete, and awaiting launch orders.

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